A short video highlighting my cinematography and videography  work in 2021-2022

a  short documentary about the calisthenics and street workout community in bristol, uk. I shot and edited this short documentary during the winter of 2020-2021. this  was particularly interesting as at the time, during lockdown, all gyms were closed and this park was the only refuge for many. I fell in love with the community and the sport and have joined them and been training ever since.

I was the DOP and colourist for this  30 second commercial for Hun Wine. Hun wanted to make a short commercial for their new line of non-alcoholic wine. the focus was put on the portability of wine in a can and on positive aspects of alcohol free wine, the fact that it is eco-friendly and is the only vegan wine on the market.

a corporate video promoting the work of the Centre for Appearance research Based in Bristol, uk. They are currently the world's largest group of researchers focusing on this field. I was the cinematographer and colourist for this project.

Two short commercials for which I was dop and editor. they were aimed at social media release with a 1x1 aspect ratio and were part of a larger group of videos forming a social media advertisement campaign for the shop.

A SHORT FORM DOCUMENTARY TO RAISe AWARENESS ABOUT LITTERING AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION IN Gran Canaria. I WAS camera assistant editor for this project. I got the chance to interview influential people in the island; the Head of the firefighting department in Gran Canaria, a well known  football player and a Canadian comedian.

Making of wild canary islands  -  La palma   i  tenerife  i  Gran Canaria
A collection of 'behind the scenes' content from the shoot of "wild Canary Islands", a wildlife documentary by Terra Incógnita Docs. I worked as a camera assistant for the shoot and  shot and edited the 'making of' content to show Project investors and other contributors how the crew worked on the field.

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